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In the ever - demanding field of customer service and maintenance of parking and transportation systems, the need to provide a quick turnaround on serviceable and repair items is an ongoing and everlasting requirement. Our customers constantly demand pro - active maintenance while improving the quality of the systems we provide.


This demand has lead Energy International to commence the operation of a fully certified ESD (Electrical Static Discharge) laboratory designed to handle all types of maintenance support located in Dubai. The lab, which was opened in July 2011, is in an enclosed and protected area where everything from the furniture to the flooring has been specifically designed and installed to maintain a proper working and static free environment allowing EI to advance in all levels of repairs performed locally.  


Since the opening of the T.R.M.T. (TEST / REPAIR / MAINTENANCE / TRAINING) laboratory, shown in the above pictures, EI has managed to almost eliminate the need to outsource any repairs on the products we provide and service. This has reduced turnaround times and improved customer satisfaction in all aspects of our business.


Up  to  almost  100%  of  all  modules  that  were  previously  sent  outside of the U.A.E. for repairs, prior to the commencement of the lab, are now currently  being  done  in  Dubai  locally  by  EI. Complex  mechanisms  such  as  MEI  bank  note  acceptors, smart card readers/encoders, ticket printers, and  receipt  printers  all need routine maintenance and testing to ensure that they are in proper working condition while increasing their life  span  respectively. The  lab  can  handle  tasks as basic as proper cleaning components to as advanced as fully rebuilding entire parking and transportation modules as shown below.
Even  tier  2  level suppliers may have recommendations or requirements for their systems that are provided by our tier one supplier that can also be handled within  the confines of the lab.  A perfect example of this situation would be MEI (Mars Electronic International) BNA5X series module installed  in  one  of our ticket vending machines.  According to MEI’s suggested rebuild schedule, a BNA should be rebuilt once every 18 months, but  Dubai’s  environment  and  usage  statistics  has shown that these BNA’s must be rebuilt once every 9 months.  That’s 50% of the suggested tier 2 supplier  maintenance  schedule  and  having a fully operational laboratory to handle such tasks has proven to be very useful and beneficial to our customers.

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With  respect  to  training,  Energy  International  applies the principle  of  “Train  the Trainers”  where  special  key individuals  are  sent across the world, from Europe to North America,  for  specialized  training and are then categorized as EI’s official “in house”  trainers.   These  trainers  then have  the   responsibility   to   train   all   other personnel involved  in  the  projects  being  supported.  In  addition, our hardware / software  specialists  have  been  fully  trained  in proper  handling  of ESD sensitive materials.   With  the  aid of  custom built testing systems, our specialists undergo a wide  variety  of  troubleshooting  and reprogramming techniques to rectify an issue.  Special  tools  and precision instruments  have  also  been integrated into the lab to ensure   accuracy   and   total   quality   control    on  the parts we repair/rebuild. All inventory and repair   components are maintained  and  tracked  electronically to ensure availability  when  required.  The  data  is then used to identify root causes of failure   modes  in  order  to implement  preventative  measures  across  all  systems maintained  as  illustrated  in  figure  1.2 in   order  to optimize  machine  uptime  and reduce downtime. Once a component has been diagnosed, repaired and tested, it is then re-tested and  verified in  our  production representative

staging environment also located in the same facility.  All  components  have  to adhere to stringent testing protocols before they can be set out back into the field to ensure  customer  satisfaction. We  have  a  commitment to the most advanced engineering services and equipment for our customers, meeting the  latest  industry  standards. Our  specialists  will  work  with  you  to  design  and   integrate the most optimal procedures of  testing  and troubleshooting  techniques  to fit your projects needs. All these measures and systems have been put in place in order to ensure our customers full satisfaction while maintaining their products to the highest standards.