The  parking  control  project  was  initiated in Dubai in the year 1995, with  as little as  40 machines  in  a   small sector of the city. Today, Energy  International supplies  and maintains  over  5500 high-tech machines  all  over the U.A.E. that centrally monitored and controlled over  GPRS  by the  real - time  monitoring software 'PCMS' - Parking Central Management System.
Over  the  years,  an extensive amount of research and development has  gone into designing the machines to make them more durable, easy to operate  and eco-friendly. With an optical coin checker and a sturdy  all - weather  body, today's parking  machines are fully solar powered  can  operate  and  retain  data  for months   with  minimum ambient  sunlight.  Extensive  testing  has  been  carried out  on  the machines  including humidity cycle testing, high heat (70 Cº) testing, corrosion resistance testing, vibration testing, Water testing, Sand & Dust testing etc.
Our  Park  &  Display  machines  have  been  fully  integrated into the  Unified Autmated Fare Collection  system,  enabling the use of the 'Nol'  contactless Mifare  Desfire  cards  to be used  to  buy parking tickets.  This  enables  users to  use  one  card  for  travel  via metro, bus,  waterbus  and  buy parking tickets. Newer models, such as the ones  used  in Abu Dhabi, also include hybrid card readers to accept Magnetic Stripe credit cards and prepaid chip cards
The  parking  control  project  further  expanded to other Emirates as well, encompassing Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi. 


The  parking  sensors  project  aims at achieveing optimum usage of the parking  spaces  as well  as   better  efficiency  in  enforcement. Currently in the pilot stage, these sensors will span out to almost all parking  lots  in Dubai  where   it is required to monitor and maintain the effective usage of parking spaces. 
Upon completion, there will be one sensor on each parking bay, with its unique  ID matching  the  bay  number.  Once  configured,  these sensors will  constantly  send  usage data  to the central monitoring system via the slave device installed in each lot. 
The  user  can  key  in  the  bay  number on the parking machine and purchase  a  ticket that is unique for  his or her vehicle. If the vehicle overstays,  a  message  will  be  sent  to  the inspector automatically which will alert him on the  status  of  the  vehicle.  This  negates the need for inspectors to constantly patrol the parking lot searching for violating vehicles, and also ensures that all violators are fined.
These  sensors  are  rugged,  and  built  to  withstand a wide range of environmental extremes  and high pressures. They are solar powered and once charged, can run with very little ambient light for long periods of time. They can be remotely configured and maintained easily. Unlike other similar products in the market, our sensors are environmentally friendly and fully remote controlled.
The solution also uses state-of-the-art technologies to handle parking permits. The permits are solar powered, GPS enabled cards with accelerometers and radio transmitters to communicate with the backend. Tariffs can be remotely changed on a per-device basis and dynamic tariff tables can be used.

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