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The   Automated   Fare   Collection   system   (AFC) branded as  'Nol'  is  custom designed to unify the fare collection  and  e -ticketing  systems  of different departments of transport. It was  implemented for the Road & Transport Authority  (RTA)  of  Dubai,   U.A.E. The system includes the  supply, installation and maintenance  of all user-interface devices such as   the Ticket   Vending   Machine   (TVM),   the   Electronic  Validation    Machine  (EVD),   Fare Collection  Gates  (FCG) for marine transport as well  as  the  back - end   servers  and software solution encompassing remote      control,    software     distribution,     report  generation   and transaction monitoring on all connected devices
RTA  buses  are  now  equiped  with state-of-the-art check-in-check-out terminals that communicate to a central processing hub.These  devices   have fully independent offline software  upgrade capability and  upload  encrypted  transactional  data  to  a  secure server placed  at   the  bus depots.   Electronic   tickets   are   dispensed   from  vending machines placed    strategically   across  the   city. These  machines  are equipped  with  a  full color touch screen, advanced currency evaluation systems  and ticket encoding  systems. They  were also customized to withstand    the    varying    climate    conditions    prevalent the   region.  Moreover,  passengers who  are  not  familiar  with how the system works have the option  to  purchase  tickets from an attendant at the ticketing office as well.
Marine transport  has also  been  included in  the   new   fare  collection system,  making it easier  for  passengers  who  use  multiple modes of transport on  a  daily  basis.  The turnstile  gates  at the marine stations function  as online validation machines  on  which the same fare media can be used as all other modes of transport except taxis.

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