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Massive infrastructure projects require the best people from around the world working together in perfect harmony to achieve the perfection and dependability that is essential to a city's working. We pride ourselves in being the central unifying factor of a number of massive projects that has required the joint effort of industry experts from multiple companies. 


We  provide  the  best-in-the-market  integration  services  with a  wide variety of european, asian and american companies that have proved their mettle in designing state-of-the-art  solutions for transportation, parking and various other large-scale projects around the world.








PARKING SYSTEMS - Engineering and customization of parking terminal software and automatic parking central management system, including supply, installation, and annual operation & maintenance services.



AUTOMATED FARE COLLECTION (AFC) SYSTEMS  and e -TICKETING SOLUTIONS -  custom  designed  for  city public transport (bus, rail, marine, taxi), EI provides state-of-the-art interoperable automated fare collection systems across all modes of public transport systems & integrates a truly unified  fare  collection  system  based  on  common  NFC  (Near Field Communication)  cards  to  be  used  on  public  transport  &  parking control equipment.



TRANSPORT  SCHEDULING   &   ROSTERING   system  -  City  and  interstate  buses,   rail/tram   and  marine/ferry   scheduling  systems  including preparation of  driver  &  shift  Rosters  from a reputed & internationally approved and well established software provider. Experienced EI engineers provide hands-on expertise to city transportation authorities through the contract and long term operational maintenance periods.



ENFORCEMENT  -  On-street  &  off - street  enforcement  management  and  control  with  recommendations  on  interface  &  interaction between different semi-governmental and governmental establishments to fully  implement  and  enforce the parking law, including design & installation of parking signage11.



PARKING LAW RECOMMENDATIONS  -  city,  state,  or  county - wide  parking  and  enforcement  law  recommendations depending on the state’s jurisdiction and possible enforcement methodology.



PARKING   MANAGEMENT   RECOMMENDATIONS  -   After  understanding   and   learning   the  management   infrastructure  of  the  state  or  city government, we recommend by providing organization  charts,  personnel  selection  criteria, service methodology & work flow diagrams to the city or state.



PARKING  SURVEYS  -  Parking  occupancy  survey,  parking  terminal  &   signage  location  survey,  solar  survey,  GSM/GPRS  survey, GPS survey and topographical survey complete with parking equipment location corridor drawings.