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Hardware Technician

Project Integration

Multicultural Team with One Goal

Major infrastructure projects require the best manpower resources from around the world working together in perfect harmony to achieve a high degree of professionalism that is essential for the success of a City. We pride ourselves in being the core of several major infrastructure projects that require the joint effort of industry experts from multiple organizations across the world.

We provide best-in-the-market end to end project integration services with several leading European, American and Asian organizations who have proven their capability in designing, manufacturing and developing state-of-the-art solutions for parking, transportation and various other large-scale projects around the world.


SMART Parking Control Systems

We possess 3 decades of distinguished experience in Customization & Implementation of High Quality SMART Solar Powered Parking Machines and Multi-Purpose Citi-Hubs with Linux OS based CPU & 8” Color INDUSTRIAL Touch-Screen Display with Virtual Ticket Functionality, Parking Central Management Systems, Parking AFC Level 3 Systems including turnkey operation & extended maintenance services.

Digital Parking Enforcement Systems (On-Street & Off-Street)

On-street & Off-Street Digital Parking Enforcement Systems involve the implementation of SMART Scan Cars for On-Street Parking Enforcement and SMART ANPR Cameras for Off-Street Parking Enforcement. The Backend System for both On-Street & Off-Street Parking Enforcement including interfaces to other systems have been developed in-house in order to provide the highest quality of operation and maintenance support to the City’s parking authority.

AI Based SMART Parking Guidance Systems

In 2017, we successfully implemented the Very First On-Street SMART Parking Guidance System in the region that includes Overhead Sensors, Inground Sensors, Dynamic Message Signs complete with a backend system that processes the data from sensors and pushes the availability of parking spaces to Dynamic Message Signs and to the Authority’s smartphone app. This project is being maintained by us and we are currently working on replacing the data from sensors with AI based predicted parking availability data.

Automated Fare Collection (AFC) Systems & E-Ticketing Solutions

Our High Quality Automated Fare Collection (AFC) Systems & E-Ticketing Solutions are Customized to meet the specific requirements of each of the City’s Public Transport Authorities (Bus, Rail, Marine, Tram, Taxi). We provide state-of-the-art interoperable Automated Fare Collection Systems across all modes of public transport that integrate and comprise a truly Unified Fare Collection System across the City / Country based on common NFC (Near Field Communication) Mifare DESFire Contactless Cards or Accounts Based Ticketing (ABT) tokens to be used on various modes of public transport & parking control equipment in the City.

Public Transport Scheduling & Rostering System

City and Inter-City, Inter-State Buses, Rail / Tram and Marine / Ferry operations require Scheduling Systems including preparation of driver & shift Rosters developed by a reputed, internationally approved and well-established software provider. Our experienced engineers provide hands-on expertise to city transportation authorities throughout the contract term and subsequent long-term operational maintenance periods.

Real Time Passenger Information Systems (RTPI)

We have implemented RTPI Screens of different sizes at Bus Stops, Bus Shelters and Bus Stations to display precise bus arrival times to users. The Bus Stops have Solar Powered 13.3” E-Paper Screens while the Bus Shelters have 46” Indoor & Outdoor Interactive Screens. The Bus Stations are equipped with Large 75” Screens. The Backend System is interfaced with various systems and the RTPI screens are provided with a LIVE data feed. 

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