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Construction work planning


Automated Fare Collection

The Automated Fare Collection system (AFC) in Dubai, U.A.E is branded as 'Nol' and is custom designed and Unified Automated Fare Collection (UAFC) and e-ticketing systems across all modes of public transport i.e. Metro, Public Buses, Trams, Water Buses and Parking. This project was implemented for the Road & Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai, U.A.E in 2009. The system includes the supply, installation, and maintenance of all user-interface devices such as the Ticket Vending Machine (TVM), the Electronic Validation Machine (EVD), Fare Collection Gates (FCG) for marine transport as well as the backend infrastructure and software solution encompassing remote access control, software distribution, report generation and transaction monitoring on all connected devices.


RTA buses are now equipped with  check-in-check-out terminals that communicate to a central processing hub. These devices have fully independent offline software upgrade capability and upload encrypted transactional data to a secure server placed at the bus depots. Electronic tickets and cards are dispensed from vending machines placed strategically across the city. These machines are equipped with a full color touch screen, advanced bank note acceptance systems and ticket encoding systems.

They were also customized to withstand the harsh environmental conditions prevalent in the region. Moreover, passengers who are not familiar with how the system works have the option to purchase tickets from an attendant at the ticketing offices as well.


Marine transport has also been included as part of Unified Automated Fare Collection system, making it convenient for passengers who use multiple modes of transport on a daily basis. The turnstile gates at the marine stations function as online validation machines on which the same “Nol” fare media can be used as all other modes of transport.

Real-Time Passenger Information Systems

The Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) is designed to increase overall customer experience through innovative smart services to better manage system performance and improve integration of multi-modal public transportation services for the residents of Dubai.  The system was deployed at existing bus stations, shelters, and stand-alone bus stops. 

It consists of a Central Computer System (CCS), Content Management System (CMS), Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), and a communications network running application and communication functions, plus backup capabilities, all within the Road and Transport Authorities secure architecture using hosting and on-premise solutions.  The system included the supply, installation, maintenance, and operational configuration of all user-interface devices such as solar powered electronic displays (E-Paper), touchscreens and display only LCDs. 

Environmentally friendly E-paper displays prove their worth as power efficient and flexible technology for public transportation, allowing transit agencies and operators to replace traditional signs, bus stop flags or printed timetables with solar-powered high IP rated displays, easily readable under all lighting conditions and independent from electrical infrastructure at bus stops.

In conjunction, smart services such as estimated time of arrival, journey planning, spider maps, marketing material, and exhibition information was provided to end users using touchscreen LCDs of various sizes that were designed using a unique thermal management technology to create the perfect operation conditions within the enclosure resulting in a constant luminance output of integrated LCD panels. 

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