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ENERGY INTERNATIONAL TR. LLC is an ISO9001:2015 certified organization that specializes in the turnkey implementation & extended maintenance of infrastructure projects such as City-wide SMART Parking Control Systems, SMART Parking Guidance Systems, SMART Digital Parking Enforcement Systems, Automated Fare Collection Systems & Automated Vehicle Location Systems for Public Transport, Real Time Passenger Information Systems & SMART Solar Powered Street Lighting Poles.

Our well qualified, experienced and skilled professionals study and evaluate the individual requirements of City-wide Parking & Transportation authorities in the region and propose high quality customized SMART solutions that best satisfy their individual needs and requirements. EI specializes in turnkey implementation and extended maintenance of the above City-wide SMART Parking & Public Transport solutions since 1988. EI is experienced in implementing high quality outdoor solutions that are designed to perform reliably and satisfactorily under the harsh environmental conditions prevailing in the Middle East complete along with their respective backend systems including hardware, infrastructure, software and support.

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