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Updated: May 5, 2022

Energy’s Vision for the Future

Energy International has been a venerable player in the Middle East construction market for almost 40 years. In fact, the company will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in January 2019. Founder and CEO Ned Fawaz launched Energy International in 1979, after seeing the need for quality HVAC and electromechanical products for a Middle East market that was on the verge of a construction boom. Over the years we’ve watched desert turn into the sprawling metropolis that Dubai, UAE has become today.

We’ve also been involved in a Saudi construction market that is beginning to claw its way up from the bottom as the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 starts to bear fruit. Many of the projects that were put on hold during the recent downturn are back in the pipeline, and many new projects have been launched over the last year or so. Analysts have reported that the kingdom has more than USD1.4 trillion in construction projects underway or on-the-way, making it the largest market in the Middle East. Energy International has launched its own vision for the future, restructuring its operations in the kingdom to better meet the demands of this changing market. You can read about the changes in this issue of the Energy International Report.

We have also expanded our footprint in the Saudi market, opening an office in Dammam to cover the Eastern Province and added a sales team to represent Watts Water Technologies brand in the Saudi market. This latest issue introduces you to our Operations Team in Beirut and, as always, covers some of our more impressive projects in the Middle East as well as our People news. Read it, enjoy it and feel free to pass it on to coworkers, friends and business associates.



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