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Updated: May 5, 2022

Letter from the Top - Dr. Ned Fawaz

Welcome to the first edition of the Energy International Quarterly newsletter for 2011. With the new year fully in swing, we can now put behind us a year that, in retrospect, was fruitful for the company, and look ahead to a new year filled with potential as EIC grows to meet the rapidly-increasing demands of the world’s largest and fastest-growing construction sector.

This year we are announcing the addition of new regional offices. We are looking at the possibilities of opening regional offices in Egypt and Algeria and will be assessing opportunities in other parts of North Africa. We will also be adding to our sales force in Saudi Arabia and are already in the process of hiring additional engineers for the U.S. headquarters Quoting and Estimating department to assist in keeping up with the increased demand.

Along with additional personnel, EIC is adding new divisions covering the areas of air purification and water treatment and is working on a joint venture agreement with ISAT, a company specializing in seismic construction technology. Our building management systems division is getting a new name, Energy Electric Controls, as it increases its presence in the region. I thank you all for your hard work and dedication and look forward to a prosperous 2011.


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